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Crossing the Channel of Bones - The Trailer

This is an early teaser for the indie documentary that I am currently shooting and will be shooting right through until August 2011.

Crossing the Channel of Bones is the story of Becci Gardiner and her journey to compete in the 2011 Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard World Championships, a 32 mile crossing of the the Channel of Bones.

The documentary is being filmed on a Canon 5D MK2 and a Contour HD 1080p with waterproof housing for 'on the water' shots. Sound is captured using a Rode VideoMic. Editing is done in Premiere Pro CS5.

For more information go to:

"decay" - An experimental film for Kino Loves Object (Kino #39)

decay by Jason Hooker.

This is an experimental film made for Kino Loves Object (Kino #39), a collaboration between Kino Sydney and Object Gallery.

The three locations in the film are:
1. the bunkers near the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Base, La Perouse
2. the sea wall at Port Botany
3. the shipwreck of the SS Minmi, wrecked on 8 May, 1937 at Cape Banks.

The audio track is "Breathing" by MĀ, remixed by Kid Fiction and then slowed down by 8 times using the "Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch" application. (Permission has been granted to use the audio track).

The footage was originally shot to test out the camera slider rig that I constructed using Igus linear bearing components.

Film Review: Boy

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Set in 1984 in Waihau Bay, on the rural East Coast of New Zealand, Boy is a trip down memory lane for many, and a glimpse into a different time and culture for others.

Boy, an 11 year old Maori boy, lives with his younger brother, Rocky, and their cousins and grandmother. When she is called away to attend a Tangi in Wellington, Boy is left in charge. During her absence, Boy's father, Alamein, arrives with his Crazy Horse gang, his two mates, in order to search for a stash of money hidden before his time in prison.

Writer/directory Taika Waititi is brilliant as Alamein (pictured left), the mildly-stereotypical absent Maori father, but the star of the film is James Rolleston in his portrayal of Boy, whose fantasy of his father's achievements is brought back to earth by the realities of his reappearance. Te Aho Eketone-Whitu also shines in his portrayal of Boy's younger brother Rocky, a quiet child who believes he has special powers.

Despite aspects of the story being almost painfully realistic for the film's period, the frequent comedy is enough to lift it back up to the realms of popular entertainment. Overall, the film offers a beautiful glimpse into a simpler time and place, interspersed with moments of painful truth and wonderful comedy.

MĀ - Light Summer Dress (ISAAX LSD Remix) music video

This music video (also available at Vimeo) is my contribution to the collaboration between , ISAAX and Kino Sydney. It is constructed from over 9000 stills shot on location around Sydney using a Canon EOS 5D MKII. The fake tilt shift effect was added using Adobe After Effects. It was first shown at Kino#34.